We are open every day from 7 pm.

We recommend that you reserve a table.
Due to the pandemic we are closed and we hope and expect to reopen on the 1st of May.


Our club attracts players from both the province of Limburg and the province of Liège.
For the current season 2020-2021 we have 16 competition teams.
Twelve of these teams are affiliated with BBSA Limburg and play their competition matches in the Kreeft and in the province of Limburg.
Four teams are affiliated with the Liège snooker association AFS and they play their matches in the Kreeft and in the province of Liège.
Due to corona we have only been able to play a few matches and tournaments this season.
In any case, we are putting together our teams for next season 21-22 in June. If you are interested in creating a new team or joining an existing team, you are welcome. If you do not want to or cannot play every week, you can also join as a reserve player either at BBSA Limburg or at AFS Liège.                        

We have A, B and C Tournaments for youth, -18, + 18, Women’s, + 40, + 50 and + 60

The Belgian snooker association, both the Flemish and the Walloon organize tournaments in the Kreeft throughout the season. These tournaments are for the members of the association and are usually played on weekends. Everyone is welcome to come and watch and support. People who are not members of one of our associations can participate in a tournament once per season. This is done in the hope that they will get a taste for competition and consider joining either the Flemish or Francophone association.